Improve Your Company’s Performance and Profits

While Enhancing Employee Health and Well-Being 

With Our Communications Skills Training and Coaching

Companies around the world are increasingly relying on improvements in communication skills and team performance as a means to achieve, maintain and enhance their success in today’s ultra-competitive business climate. Improvements in communication skills and team work are particularly effective in increasing your company’s health, performance and profitability because they simultaneously create significant improvements in the health, well-being, satisfaction and performance of your employees.

We provide Communication Coaching, Consulting and Training that will:

  • Increase communication efficiency
  • Reduce interpersonal conflicts
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Build mutual respect
  • Improve deadline performance
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Strengthen employee loyalty

We specialize in providing Customized Solutions for enhancing your company’s communication effectiveness and team performance:

Why go with a customized solution?  Because it delivers significantly superior results!

Custom means that we take the time to help you clearly identify your unique needs, requirements and objectives, including specific weaknesses and problems. We then design and deliver a customized program of Training, Coaching and Consulting in communication and team building skills.

If your organization recognizes that people are your best asset, that you appreciate the value of good/ effective communication, that you want improved morale and a more harmonious work environment, then we can be of significant help. If you’re tired, frustrated or angered by: the ineffectiveness of your team, absenteeism, resignations, firings and poor and sloppy systems and performance, our custom solutions will go a long way in helping you reduce and even eliminate these kinds of problems.

Depending on your needs, your custom communication solutions program can be designed to focus on and address:

Individuals, teams, departments, management and/ or the overall organization

Efficiency, performance and profits

Health and wellness including Blue Cross/ Blue Shields Blue Zone Initiative and other insurance company wellness programs

Soft skills training and support

Programs as well as solution components can be one time or ongoing. They can include training and workshops designed specifically for “Lunch and Learns,” ongoing monthly or quarterly programs or “Annual Retreats”.

In creating a maximally effective custom program based on your unique needs, requirements and objectives, the process is critically important. Here’s how it works.

Your Custom Communication and Team Solutions Process:

Initial Discussions:

Meetings and Discussions with Your Management Team/Key Stakeholders by phone or in person to:

  • Review and clarify areas of weakness, concern and need. In the process we are looking to identify the specific areas of your company (departments, teams and individuals) and specific processes, events and procedures you want us to focus on.
  • Obtain Management’s view on what is causing the problems and the kinds of improvements you are looking for and why.
  • Discuss review any attempts you’ve made to address the problems or create desired changes and what happened as a result.
  • Review, clarify and discuss your company’s success and areas of strength concerning Communication Skills and Team Building. To maximize our effectiveness we want to make sure we understand what’s worked for your organization both past and present. We’d like to include all the efforts, solutions, programs, techniques and trainings that had a positive impact and why.
  • Agree on what area of the company and what issues are of the highest priority along with the degree of priority for any additional needs and concerns.

***There is no-charge for this portion of the process.

Proposal: Upon completion of meetings and discussion with your management team, we’ll provide you with a proposal that covers conducting individual interviews with the department and team members about related needs and issues that you’ve identified as your highest concern and priority. This includes C-Level, managers, and rank & file.

We are looking for what Department and Team Members believe are: a) the problems b) why they are happening and c) how to solve them. This step is essential in gaining a complete and accurate view of what’s really going on. It will allow us to discover important additional information and perspectives that will be critical in creating fully effective programs and solutions that truly address your needs and objectives. We will then provide you will a report containing our recommendations.

Recommendations: This report will contain detailed recommendations for a Program of Communication and Team Building Solutions customized to meet your specific needs, priorities and requirements. It will include timing for various tasks and phases of implementation along with pricing. In addition, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the report, answer any questions and incorporate any necessary changes or adjustments.

Implementation:  Upon approval, we will schedule the implementation of your custom program and solution.

The Ongoing Process: As we work our way through your priority list we will continue to provide and implement additional custom programs and solutions to meet your additional needs.


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